Welcome to the Empower Beginner Course

Lock-down Edition!

Lock-down is dragging on for everyone now and we cannot wait until we get back to our physical academy when it is safe to do so! In the meantime however, we have an amazing beginner course to get you started with our Empower Martial Arts community. We pride ourselves on our community feel, coupled with family martial arts and fitness to keep you healthy both physically and mentally. Our online academy has gone from strength to strength and we'd like to offer this amazing resource to you - right now! Our beginner course is the PERFECT introduction to what we do at Empower. So turn off Netflix, invest in your physical & mental health, and read on to find out about our awesome beginner course, just for you!

What does our beginner course offer?

What's in it for you if you sign up for our home training beginner course?

  • Learn basic striking, evasions and self defence

  • Develop a new skill from the comfort of your own home

  • Learn from an award-winning instructor with 20+ years experience in Martial Arts systems

All sounds good so far?

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Empower Martial Arts Academy

Who are we?

Our academy has been running for over 5 years, providing fun and functional martial arts and fitness training for both kids and adults. Dan Holloway is the Chief Instructor and owner of the Academy and has been training in martial arts for over 20 years. He runs his own podcast and blog - The Martial View, has published a martial arts book `Martial Masters`, and in 2017 won the `Rising Star` Award at the British Martial Arts Awards 2017. Dan is committed to providing great quality training in a fun and supportive environment. He believes in constantly learning and developing and this ethos is something he translates to his students - always be learning! Dan has taught martial arts professionally for nearly 10 years and has coached 100s of students - adults and kids.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Empower Martial Arts Beginner Course

    • The Warm up!

  • 2

    The Stance

    • The Basic Stance

    • Basic Movement

  • 3

    Basic Striking

    • The Jab

    • The Cross

    • The Hook

    • The Upper

  • 4

    Basic Combinations

    • Basic Combos

  • 5

    Basic Evasions

    • Basic Evasions

  • 6

    Virtual Pad Feeding Exercise

    • Virtual Pad Feeding Exercise

  • 7


    • Front kick

  • 8


    • Elbows!

  • 9

    Self Defence

    • Self Defence Part 1

    • Self Defence Part 2

    • Self Defence Part 3

  • 10

    Congrats - You've completed our course!

    • Well done on completing our beginner course!

Nice things people say about us!

We think we rock, but don't just take our word for it...

Beginner Course

Charon Harmston

I joined Empower as a full time student after completing one of their Beginners Courses. Such a friendly place to train with great instructors who really look after you and help you achieve your best. I love, love, love my classes 🙂

Family Feel!

Paula John

Although I’m not a student of empower my husband is, that doesn’t stop them making me feel like part of the empower family. They have all been great and supportive throughout this year. Everyone is really friendly and outgoing. I’ve taken part in challenges, zoom quiz nights and nights out. Dan has helped me with exercises for my back problems and I’m truly grateful for that. As a whole Dan,Lee and Jack are a great bunch. I watched my husband build his confidence and fitness and thats all down to all of them. I highly recommend these guys.

4 week ladies course

Marta Gomez

Just finished the ladies 4 weeks beginner course and it has been quite enjoyable! Not only a fun way to keep you fit and burn some energy, but also to disconnect from daily routine and have a good laugh! Great and really friendly instructors so definitely recommend it!

Confidence Boost

Hannah Gagg

I’m just finishing the 4-week ladies beginners course and I honestly can not recommend it highly enough! The guys have been brilliant from the beginning - super friendly and welcoming, but always pushing you to achieve your best. The class has been a huge confidence boost in terms of my fitness and also in myself. Absolutely boss!

A happy Mum!

Stephine O'Hare

My son started doing online classes during lock down, he is fairly shy and awkward with most things but the guys made him feel so comfortable and at ease that he loved it. He has continued since and still enjoys it every week, and I have seen his confidence grow so much. The trainers are all great with adults and kids and clearly care about what they do and it really shows! 🙂 Thank you!

Final week!

Sarah Ray

On my final week of the ladies beginner's class. It's been such a good laugh. The instructors are incredibly supportive, I feel such a sense of achievement after each session. I've enjoyed it so much I've signed up to continue training. Would recommend to anyone of any age and fitness level.

2nd time round!

Louise Witcher

Just finishing the ladies only beginners class (for the second time, due to being rudely interrupted by COVID-19). It's a great way to keep fit while still having fun! Really enjoying it and would definitely recommend 👊

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